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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 10, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> thank you for joining us. a police officer who was struck by an alleged drunk driver has died. a sad day for the police department. he was trying to get driverses off the road when he was
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struck. stephanie? >> reporter: i want you to check out the letter board behind me that reads "in loving memory of noah leota." just beyond that, officers just got done draping black bunting over part of the building there to commemorate the officer. he was only 24 years old when he passed away. people say he loved his job, he was enthusiastic, and willing to help out a fell l low officer. we are learning this afternoon officer liota's family will lead a short procession around 2:00 and will go by the wheaton substation so people can say good-bye. it will transport officer liota's body from the hospital to the state medical examiner's office in bald baltimore. a week ago today officer liota was hit by a driver suspected of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. we will bring you his thoughts
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on wusa 9 at 5:00. live in montgomery county, wusa 9. >> thank you, stephanie. >> he became a patrol officer at the substation. a surprise plea in the case of a parent accused of providing alcohol to teenagers before a fatal crash in montgomery county. kenneth saltsman has pleaded guilty to charges of unlaw enforcementfully provided alcohol to a minor. a trial in the case was scheduled to begin today. alex and calvin, both 18-year- olds old, die in the crash back on june 25. the driver of the car, sam ellis, is also facing charges. saltzman will not face jail time but will have to pay a fine. the search for elisha rudd gets new life. in a story we first brought you last night, the 8-year-old has
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been reported missing since march 2014 and now police say new information is leading them to an old construction site. . >> reporter: it will take some time to look through this area thoroughly and the search, as you can see, has begun with police. they will have a team of 80 people conducting grid searches. >> anybody has heard of the case, it has touched their heart and we're here to support them. >> reporter: it's more a mission to find elisha rudd, sweet-faced 8-year-old reported missing 21 months ago. >> we have really done some extensive dives into the information and new information came in the different possibilities about the movements of mr. tatum. >> reporter: this old construction site across the street on bladensburg road is less than five mile from
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kenilworth park where tatum look his life. it's within eye shot of the holiday inn express where the shelter janitor was last seen >> he may have been murdered or victim eyed. >> reporter: fbi and k-9s will not leave a stone unturned. >> it's become -- it gets more difficult every single day but it doesn't mean we're going to stop looking and doesn't mean we can't find, hopefully, find elisha. >> the circumstances we think we're facing, you know, we also believe there needs to be dignity. >> investigators will check a second location after they finished searching this construction site. police said they have no new leads or cooperation from people so if you can help with the investigation, please call d.c. police. one person is dead after a fiery crash in prince georges county. police said the driver was traveling westbound on landover
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road when they lost control of the vehicle. the car crashed into a utility pole and caught fire. the crash was so violent that police are having a hard time to see if there are any more victims in that vehicle. he pled guilty to hiring a hitman to kill his ex-wife. a sterling, virginia, man will learn his sentence. dallas brumpack faces up to 50 years behind bars after pleading guilty to murder and child abuse. the hitman he tried to hire in 2014 was actually undercover police officer. the child abuse charges are related to leaving loaded guns near small children. he will be sentenced at 2:00 p.m. today. police are searching for a murder suspect. police respond to the scene of a double stabbing at a sunoco gas station in aspen hill on wednesday evening. that's where officer found two injured men, one of them later died at the hospital. a deadly early morning fire in anne arundel county. it broke out in a single-family hold on old camp meade road
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just before 4:00 this morning. one person was kill and the search is on for additional victims. firefighters say there's one person unaccounted for at this point, and firefighters are taking care of the hot spots on the fire now. a small group of demonstrators gathered outside the baltimore courtroom this morning where an officer, william porter, is on trial. he's one of the six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. porter took the stand yesterday. he's accused of showing what prosecutors call callous indifference to gray by not securing him in a seatbelt in the police van. he's also accused of failing to call for medical help when asked. high honors for a photographer who caught this image of the baltimore riots. the photo of freddie gray protest by devon allen made "time" list of best magazine covers in 2015. two virginia men accuse in a plot to bomb synagogues and churches are in jail. they are in a richmond
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courtroom. prosecutorses believe doyle and cheney are white semiwrist and conspired to rob a coin dealer and use the money to stockpile weapons for what they said was a race war. a third defendant, charles holderman, jr., has a court date next tuesday. well, they want to smoke pot in bar and clubs this d.c. and marijuana advocates are wanting to stop a bill that would ban that. the majority of the d.c. council do not want cannabis club over the city and drafted bill to ban the club from allowing patrons to smoke on the premises. still to come at noon, a young girl who's lost so much only has one wish to brighten her christmas season. we'll take you to her big delivery. plus developing news from north korea straight ahead. the big announcement
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developing news this noon. north korean leader kim jong unsaid his country has developed a hydrogen bomb. he made the statement during an arms industry inspection on wednesday. state-run media said it's the first time kim has publicly said the north is developing a weapon. also developing this noon, republican donald trump has scrapped a trip to israel. trump tweeted he will reschedule at a later date "after i become president of the united states." he planned to meet with benjamin netanyahu. donald trump continues to steph media attention following his call for a ban on all muslims entering america. he also leads the latest cbs news poll released this morning. weijia jiang reports. >> reporter: despite receiving days of global criticism, donald trump's call for a ban on new limbs entering america doesn't appear to be hurting him. the latest cbs news/new york
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times poll shows trump at 35% with his highest support yet. the survey was taken before the proposal to ban muslims. >> i didn't do it for poll numbers. >> reporter: trump's penchant for attention-grabbing headline and poll numbers have made it hard for the rest of the gop field to breakthrough. >> i won't hyperventilate about poll and won't do what the media has fallen into. we had a major terrorist attack on u.s. soil a week ago yesterday and now all the taw including the newscast, are dominated by this plan that's never going to happen. >> reporter: while nearly every republican candidate says they disagree with trump on his plan, none of them have said they won't support him if he wins the gop nomination, but one says he's close. >> i hope he changes his rhetoric. i hope he becomes a unifier, but if he doesn't, and the divisions and extremism continues, i've got to take another look. >> reporter: but stealing
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support back could be hard. 51% of his supporters in the cbs news poll say their mind are made up and they're sticking with trump. weijia jiang, cbs news, washington. >> only 4% of nontrump voters said their mind are made up, suggesting there's still a lot of room for shake-up in the race for the gop nomination. still to come at noon, the search is on for more suspects connected to the paris terror attacks. plus madonna's moving tribute to the victims in the city of lights. we'll take you there next. howard? oh, mike, a beautiful afternoon and i'm meet anything new friend zip, whom we will feature on "petline thursday." this weekend's forecast is going to get toasty around here. i'll tell you about that in a couple of minutes.
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geneva police are actively searching for suspects connect with the paris terror attacks. swiss authorities received word suspicious individuals who could be in geneva or genova geneva region are close by and are searching for the people responsible for the attack that left 130 people injured and others dead. that is madonna, singing on the streets of paris. she did this wednesday night and fans rushed to see her. she just finished a show in paris and decided the people outside needed little music. it was in honor of the victims of the recent terror attack. friend and family are gathering this afternoon to remember a san bernardino
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county employee who was killed during last week's massacre in california. the funeral for 27-year-old velasco will be the first of 14 who were kill in that shooting. mohammed ali is taking a jab at trump's proposal on muslims. the 73-year-old former champ is calls on muslims to stand up to those who use islam to advance their own personal agendas. ali didn't directly name trump in his statement but said the message was for people running for president. emissions cheating by volkswagen was not just a one- time error. that's the latest from the company. the company admitted the scandal began in 2005 and continued after they proved technology. there was a chain of error that allow this to happen, according to the company president. the heavy smog which we see often in china blanketing
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beijing the last several days prompted the most severe weather alert is finally lifting. china's environment ministry said the pollutants were reduced by a third during the red alert. lawmaker vicious till tomorrow to pass a spending plan. the problem is both sides are nowhere close to an agreement. among the major stumbling block, whether or not to admit syrian refugee into the united states and whether companies can start exporting oil. time for a look at your money. the world's largest retailer is testing its own mobile payment system. wal-mart pay, it's called. companies can use a debit card or credit card and you can pay that way. the payment system can only be used at wal-mart store and will work on iphone and androids. and guess what?
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free snacks are pack on united airlines starting in february. the airline will provide snacks to all passengers because the airlines have been seeing record profits as the price of fuel drops now. this holiday season, more employers say they plan to give gifts, bonuses, and parties compared to last year but still 93% of the workers say they would pass on the company holiday party in favor of a bonus or some time off. well, the wild weather -- >> yeah. >> it continue in the pacific northwest. >> yeah, it's been a mess out there and rising flood waters have driven 50 people out of their homes. heavy rains have risen rivers to flood stage. rescue crews got everybody out of a mobile home park safely, including pets. >> it crept up real slow and kept thinking it wasn't going to quite make it in and then -- [ chuc ing ] -- here it come into the door. >> of course the good news is these waters are starting to recede and, fortunately, it was
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a very stormy period out west on the west coast. it looks like more is on the way. >> not very often you see a guy with a cigarette in his mouth on camera. very interesting. this is just the beginning. >> with the sun and light wind, it feels like 70. mid-50s in july. we would be complaining. 70 is great. i think we'll make it this weekend in a couple of spots. unbelievable. we start with our day planner for you on this thursday afternoon and lots of sunshine in washington and much of the region after the morning fog. temperatures are going to make a run towards 60 this afternoon in town. we've got temps in the 50s with 50 degrees here by 10:00 and we'll be in the 40s tonight. as far as the record highs that are on the way, december warmth. we're talking about a record the next few days and upper 60s friday and around 70 saturday and sunday. forecast temps not quite tomorrow -- 65.
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closer on saturday. sunday, forecasting a high of 70. we may see some records fall on saturday. that was for washington. dulles and bwi have opportunity to set record. temps range from the mid-to- upper 40s with fog slow to burn off and we're at 59 at pax river. 56 in reedville. and mid-to-upper 50s, turn into a beautiful midday across the region. i will step out of the way so you can see the skyline, 56. light wind, south-southeast, 3 miles per hour. we talked about the arctic air, -40 and -50. it has nowhere to go because we see storm after storm bring lots of rain and mountain snow and they need to bring up the aquifers with the big drought there but all this comes in and
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will stay up north and mild weather with that. it's not going to be that cold, 40s and upper 30s. tomorrow, back in the 60s with a mix of clouds and sunshine. as we head towards saturday, no fronts are coming near us. in fact, temperatures are just going to get warmer with most of the clouds on the west side of the appalachian on saturday into sunday and the rain you see will be here on monday and that will qom us off. upper 40s for highs this time of year. we'll be near 60 today. tomorrow, mid-60. saturday, upper 60s to around 70 and the craziness continues on sunday. 72. ravens at home december, short sleeves -- yeah, it could happen. on monday, here comes the better chance of rain and maybe a storm, mid-60s, and we cool off but still way above average
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tuesday and wednesday. it is thursday at noon and that means it's time for pet line 9. we have mary campbell from the oldies but goodies cocker spaniel rescue and brought zip, whom i have been playing with. what a mice dog. >> he's a sweetie. all the things you want -- temperament, temperament, temperament. >> tell me like zip. we have 30 seconds. >> zip eastern died after a long illness and zip came to us weighing 36-pounds. the vet said he was the fattest dog he's ever seen. now zip is a not-quite-svelte 17-pound. >> he's on our way. >> yes. >> he just needs a forever home. >> yes. >> good with kid and other animals? >> he had one experience where the cat just got one scratch on him. you would have thought the dog was eviscerating but now is very respectful. >> how can folks contact you? >> our phone number is 703-533- 2373. our website is cocker spaniel
12:23 pm >> we have all the information online. we'll be right back wi
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it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online.
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so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. well, it's not christmas yet but an 8-year-old girl from new york is already getting her wish. two years ago, she lost her family and was disfigured in a fire. don champion reports. >> reporter: 8-year-old safyre has lost so much but wants so little. >> how many cards do you think there will be? >> plenty. >> reporter: she's getting her wish. weeks ago, she told her aunt she wanted to fill her card
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tree this christmas. >> the message -- her message is out. her message is out to the world now. we're happy about it. >> reporter: two years ago, safyre lost her father and three sibling in an arson fire, burned over 75% of her body. safyre has under gone countless surgeries and lost her left foot and right hand. >> i can't read this. >> reporter: the cards helping to make this a memorable holiday. >> today is the first day and we have over 100 letters and cards and multiple packages and parcel that have come in for her. >> u.s. that's all i have, thank you, thank you. >> reporter: a christmas wish delivered early. don champion, cbs news. >> if you would like to send a card, we have posted the address on the wusa 9 app.
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count your lessings. great story. that's the news. we'll be back at 5:00. don't forget our app. have a great day, everybody. take care.
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>> nick: mrs. newman, i'm home! >> sage: hey. >> nick: hey. i, uh, i brought red roses, which are the flower of love, and a bottle of montepulciano, which i just love to say. say it with me. >> sage: montepulciano. >> nick: see? it's fun. >> sage: you didn't have to do that. >> nick: sage, you -- you came home. i'm so happy, and i'll do anything -- i mean, just anything to make you realize how much that means to me. >> dylan: why does it look like more is coming out of your mouth


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